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The election changes everything, but when and how?

Read our whitepaper on the Presidential Election and Reimbursement as of Nov 9, 2016.

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Reimbursement Consulting
It is Medical Technology Partners' mission to accelerate the rate of trial and acceptance of important new medical technologies, thereby enabling them to reach patients more quickly.

Strategic Alliances
Medical Technology Partners helps companies understand and work with new reimbursement realities within the health care marketplace by way of reasonable and functional strategies.

Advancing True Patient Care
MTP is committed to excellent customer service, advancing patient care, making timely and accurate recommendations, and reasonable and flexible pricing arrangements.

Understanding the reimbursement system is crucial to maximizing the commercial potential of medical products. The reimbursement system often erects enormous barriers to new product success. In some cases, proper management of the healthcare reimbursement system is the only difference between product success and product failure.


Given recent changes in reimbursement for new technologies, there are new opportunities to improve purchase economics, particularly for new technologies.

A strong reimbursement program improves product trial and acceptance. In addition, physicians and providers want to understand how they will get paid for using a technology.

Medical Technology Partners enhances the development of important new medical technologies by providing high quality and fully integrated reimbursement support services to the medical industry, with an emphasis on medical device and diagnostic technologies.

We are confident we can help you understand, improve and communicate a strong reimbursement message to your physicians and institutional customers. We hope you will consider Medical Technology Partners as you develop and commercialize your products.

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