To our readers:  With physical distancing and non-critical medical services stopped or slowed by Covid 19 it is helpful to recognize that many long range information gathering and reimbursement planning activities can still move forward. Examples include: considering clinical trial designs to help achieve coverage.  Reviewing strategic issues with insurance medical directors via virtual communication.  Implementing secondary research projects to carefully understand the reimbursement landscape.  MTP has proven virtual network capability as well as primary and secondary research capabilities that can help you not lose all your momentum during this period of uncertainty.  
- Jerry Stringham   May 2020
Medical Technology Partners (MTP) has more than 100 years of medical technology reimbursement experience, ranging from billing, coding, medical policy, and case management to sales, marketing, operations, and executive management. MTP is driven by results and believes in “sweating the details” to thoroughly assess each technology. Reimbursement is complicated and nuanced, requiring skill, experience, creativity, and persistence. Each member of our team brings a special expertise within a wide range of disciplines, which gives us the ability to support multiple and diverse clients and deliver successful results.

MTP offers services to address your medical device reimbursement needs and challenges during research or implementation phases of product development. 


When fully integrated, MTP participates in a client’s operational strategy discussions to represent the reimbursement perspective on research and development initiatives, marketing and sales strategies, and overall business management.


MTP has a medical reimbursement consultant team with medical technology executive leadership experience that is based in the Washington, DC area, affording us convenient geographic access to FDA, DHHS, and CMS.  MTP also has an office in Mountain View, CA. 


Jerry Stringham, President of MTP will present on June 21, 2019 on the topic of "the puzzle of reimbursement and what it takes to get providers to adopt a medical device company’s product solutions" at Wilson Sonsini’s annual Medical Device Conference in San Francisco . ​            

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Phone: 240-453-0550

Call or Email Us
Phone: 240-453-0550


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