Mission Statement

It is Medical Technology Partners' mission to accelerate the rate of trial and acceptance of important new medical technologies, thereby enabling them to reach patients more quickly. MTP helps companies understand and work with new reimbursement realities within the health care marketplace by way of reasonable and functional strategies and plans. MTP is committed to excellent customer service, advancing patient care, making timely and accurate recommendations, and reasonable and flexible pricing arrangements. MTP enhances the development of important new medical technologies by providing high quality and fully integrated reimbursement support services to the medical industry, with an emphasis on medical device and diagnostic technologies.

Meet Our Senior Team
Jerry Stringham

Jerry Stringham has worked as a reimbursement strategy consultant since the 1980s when he began providing reimbursement consulting services to diverse medical and pharmaceutical companies.  Jerry holds a BS in mechanical engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and an MBA from Harvard Business School. He has been part of five medical device start-up organizations operating out of New England and has grown MTP’s client list to over 160 clients.  Jerry founded Medical Technology Partners in 1998 to fill the growing need for business-oriented reimbursement consulting. Among his prior engagements, he has secured new coding through various professional societies. Jerry also teaches as a guest lecturer at Catholic University in their biotechnology program to help students understand the connection between biotech development and reimbursement.  Jerry’s experience in industry, including as a Principal in the health economics practice of a major CRO, brings expertise to new technology reimbursement challenges.

Barry Michael
Vice President of Marketing and Sales 

Barry Michael brings over 30 years of marketing, sales, and consulting experience to MTP.  His medical device experience includes large companies (Abbott Diagnostics, Kimberly-Clark Professional Health Care), profitable smaller life sciences-oriented companies (Dynex Technologies, VIDAR Systems Corporation), and start-ups (Aptus Genomics, 20/20 GeneSystems, TermImmune Research, Applied Cell Sciences, Multiplex Clinical Diagnostics).  Barry’s operational experience includes developing and launching diagnostic and surgical products in addition to building and managing sales teams.  He has launched 12 unique products.  Barry’s education includes an engineering science degree from Brown, Navy OCS and Navy Supply School, and an MBA from Wharton with a strategic planning concentration.  Barry is also a registered securities representative.

Nancy Young
Vice President

Nancy Young has worked in the health care industry since the early 1990s and joined MTP in 2000.  She has researched and produced value-added knowledge delivery products (including reimbursement assessments, feasibility analyses, billing guides, patient videos, and device dossiers) to educate physicians, facilities, insurers, and investors in over 15 clinical market segments.  In addition to completing more than 60 quantitative data analysis reports, she has analyzed dozens of interactive surveys of medical directors at managed care organizations to obtain qualitative and quantitative data on the environment facing emerging technologies.  She has also drafted coding applications and managed reimbursement resource centers, which improve education and build information sharing for use in actionable business intelligence and propagation of best practices.  Nancy has a BA in medical sociology and MA in health information management.  She has certifications in HIPAA Awareness and HIPAA Security and is a member of the AAPC and AHIMA.

John Reese
Reimbursement Resource Center Manager

John Reese joined MTP in 2014 and brings more than 30 years of experience in workforce development, human services, and health care administration.  He has worked in the field and supervisory capacities in counseling and protective services created various prevention and public awareness programs involving coordination of multi-agency collaborations and have established and coordinated various local and state level workforce development services.  John has extensive experience in case management, medical records and documentation, minimum data set management, and providing in-person and telephonic services and customer support.  John is contributing these clinical, managerial, health care administration, facilitator, and field/in-house awareness skills to support MTP’s Reimbursement Resource Centers. John has a BA in social services and MS in family and marital counseling. He has certifications in HIPAA Awareness, HIPAA Security, and SQL.

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